What is Double Knitting Yarn?

double knitting yarn

Learning to knit almost requires learning a new language due to all of the new terminology. For example, what is double knitting yarn? Contrary to what it sounds like, this is not knitting with two strands of yarn, but rather a yarn weight popular mostly in the UK, but becoming more well-known worldwide. Double knitting[Read More]

Using Fabrics for Knitting Instead Of Yarn!

Fabrics for Knitting

The use of fabrics for knitting is becoming a popular new hobby as crafters realize just how quick and fun it is. Instead of using yarn and standard knitting needles, many crafters are beginning to use strips of fabric instead, for a more unique and interesting look. If you love knitting but want to try[Read More]

What is the Difference Between Double Knitting Wool vs 4 Ply Yarn?

Super fine yarn

Many knitters never bother to learn the differences between yarn types and weights. For example, they never learn what the difference is between double knitting wool vs 4 ply yarn. Learning what these terms mean and how they differ can make all the difference to your knitting abilities. By knowing the different yarn weights and[Read More]

The Best Fabrics for Knitting Your Kids Clothing

fabrics for knitting

When it comes to children and their clothes, fabrics for knitting are perfect for their growing bodies. The main reason is because they are made of a stretchy type of quality and this makes it to where your kids will not grow out of them too quickly. Knitted clothing will also not shrink by large[Read More]

Knitting Yarns – A Handy Summary

For anyone relatively new to the area of knitting, knitting yarn types can often be a source of confusion. Weights of the yarn are talked about when purchasing yarn as well as when discussing the size … both differently. Some people talk about skeins while other people talk about balls or rolls or spools. All[Read More]