What is Double Knitting Yarn?

double knitting yarn

Learning to knit almost requires learning a new language due to all of the new terminology. For example, what is double knitting yarn? Contrary to what it sounds like, this is not knitting with two strands of yarn, but rather a yarn weight popular mostly in the UK, but becoming more well-known worldwide. Double knitting[Read More]

Essential Circular Knitting Tips for Beginners

Knitting Tips for Beginners

Circular knitting is the practice of knitting in the round to create seamless tubes. Knitting in the round is ideal for many projects such as sweaters, socks, hats, and many more. A lot of knitters prefer knitting in the round for many reasons, but if you’ve never tried it, it may seem a little intimidating.[Read More]

How to Convert a Pattern From In-The-Round to Flat Knitting

flat knitting

Many knitters have a strong preference to either in-the-round knitting or flat knitting. If you prefer to only use patterns using flat knitting, it can really restrict the projects you can choose from. For example, most hats and socks are knit in the round, which means that you won’t get the opportunity to make these[Read More]

How to Knit Furnishing Fast via Arm Knitting

arm knitting style

Arm knitting is a very old craft devised as a way to weave threads and turn them into something useful. The process is exactly like standard knitting, except you lose the needles and use your arms. The result is a very large project completed in no time, much like mega knitting. While it’s common to[Read More]

Knitting Cables – Everything You Need to Know!

Knitting Cables

Knitting cables is an art form that many knitters can’t stay away from. It breaks up the monotony of knitting the same stitch over and over, and it’s a way to truly express your individuality in knitting because you can free form your own cables to fit your own style. While the technique may seem[Read More]

The Nintendo Knitting Machine: Allowing You to Knit Sweaters on Your NES

Nintendo Knitting Machine

Nintendo has always been considered an innovative gaming company, but unfortunately consumers don’t see half of what they come up with. For example, did you know that back in the 1980’s Nintendo had a prototype for a Nintendo knitting machine? Yes, we’re talking about an actual knitting machine that hooked up to your NES and[Read More]

The 3 Critical Rules Of Lace Knitting

famous knitting patterns

Lace knitting is a very intricate and detailed art form that requires a lot of practice and patience. Unlike standard knitting where you can just make the same stitches over and over, lace knitting requires you to count and every stitch is different. While this creates beautiful shawls and sweaters, it can be very intimidating[Read More]

Why Knitting Schools Should Make a Comeback

knitting schools

Before the Industrial Revolution, knitting schools used to be very common. Since this craft was a way to both make money and make garments for yourself and your family, children needed to learn this craft early on in order to become proficient at it. Since machine knitting was invented, knitting in schools slowly became less[Read More]

How to Use Cables, Increases, and Lace in Your Knitting

Knitting cables

Knitting is a popular past-time where you can take nothing but a simple strand of yarn and turn it into a beautiful and useful fabric. You can produce some of the most intricate fabric possible by simply learning the techniques of cables, increases, and lace. These three techniques are all you need to know to[Read More]

8 Most Useful Knitting Accessories

Knitting Accessories

With so many young people taking up the knitting needles again, stores are beginning to offer more and more options for knitting accessories. If you are one of the many knitters that have taken up the craft in an attempt to save money and join the frugal DIY crowd, this can make it hard to[Read More]