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Knitting lessons come from many different places, and people. Some of us were taught by a grandmother or an aunt, or even a friend. Others picked up the craft without any formal knitting lessons, teaching themselves with books and online sources. There’s also the choice of paying for knitting lessons from places like Michaels, other crafting stores, or independent knitting instructors and even online. Classes often are priced at a flat rate, and will include a set of needles and a skein of yarn if you don’t already have your own, especially so if an independent teacher is teaching you.

Here are some of the best sources for finding knitting lessons easily:

Betterfly– Betterfly is a portal for finding local people who can provide knitting lessons, as well as many other services. (Like guitar lessons, beauticians, artists, the list goes on.) You can get into direct contact with potential teachers, find times that work for both of you, and choose locations to meet. Betterfly puts you in total control of your knitting and crochet lessons by allowing you to choose from teachers more suited for beginners, and teachers who can teach advanced techniques.

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Your Local Yarn Shop – You can do a google search for specialty yarn shops in your local area. Many of these shops offer a wide range of knitting and crochet lessons, from beginners to more specific classes like sock or sweater classes. Some of these knitting and crochet lessons are one time classes, and some will take place over the course of a couple weeks to a month. Sometimes you can get a knitting lesson that comes along with a set of luxury needles and yarn.

Craftsy– Craftsy is a site where you can find knitting patterns by independent designers that are free or for sale. The site also hosts knitting lessons in an online format, you will be provided with a pattern and a series of videos to coach you through the techniques. Though you will be losing the advantage of having a person next to you to help you through your learnings, these classes are more affordable than in-person knitting or crochet lessons and you can work through them at your own pace and at any time of the day or night. You pay once for the class, and can replay the lessons as many times as needed.

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Michaels – Michaels Crafting Store (based in the US) offers a lot of different classes, from cake decorating to knitting and crochet. Michaels even hosts classes for teaching children these crafts. Depending on the class, most times a ball of yarn and aluminum knitting needles are provided to you.

Most of these lessons are taught in a group atmosphere with one teacher, and many other beginners right alongside you. This aspect of the classes lends itself to conversation, and making new friendships.

A Trip to Your Bookstore, Library or Online Bookstore – There are many, many books to help you teach yourself how to knit. You’ll find books aimed at visual learners, written word learners, and books intended for helping you identify mistakes on your own (and even fix them). And of course, you’ll find many resources for advanced techniques such as fair isle, entrelac, double knitting and much more. You can find many of these books on Amazon.

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If you’re a part of a knitting forum you can find people will to help you decode passages you may not fully understand. Forums can also help you find free online information on learning how to knit, including free sites with beginner lessons.

Youtube – Youtube is ideal for the beginning knitter who’s hesitant to venture out for their own knitting lesson, and with an extensive library of knitting videos the basics can be learned in no time. Channels like Very Pink Knits offer follow-along videos to walk you through every technique of a pattern. Other helpful channels include CitalL86, and Hill Brothers Video.

Everybody needs a different approach to learning a new skill, some do well with online knitting lessons and can start to pick up on mistakes they make on their own. Others need to have someone next to them to explain what went wrong, why it went wrong and how exactly to fix it. If you don’t have a family member or friend to show you the ropes, know that there are plenty of resources out there for finding knitting lessons and teachers in your area.

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  1. I find that Micheal’s kills business for most yarn store in Toronto. People just seem to be attracted to the coupon system that Micheal’s uses to sell their products, especially yarn. My Adult knitters in my group seem to like to spend their money on useless yarn balls to knit and crochet things that never turn out nicely.

    Let’s stop buying ‘junk ” at Micheal’s yarn store……

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