double knitting yarn

What is Double Knitting Yarn?

double knitting yarn

Learning to knit almost requires learning a new language due to all of the new terminology. For example, what is double knitting yarn? Contrary to what it sounds like, this is not knitting with two strands of yarn, but rather a yarn weight popular mostly in the UK, but becoming more well-known worldwide. Double knitting yarn, otherwise known as DK yarn in many patterns, is a popular weight for knitters as it works up quickly but isn’t too bulky. If you’re still wondering what the difference is between double knitting yarn and other yarns, we’ll discuss that in more detail now.

Why are Yarns Weighted?

If you’ve never understood yarn weights, now is the time to learn. Once you have figured out how yarns are categorized, a whole new world of knitting can open up to you. Yarn weights describe how thick or thin each yarn is, so that you know how each brand compares. If you know that every double knitting yarn weight is going to be roughly the same size, it makes choosing a yarn for your next project a lot more fun.

For example, if you want to knit a sweater and the pattern calls for a certain yarn that you don’t have access to, you can still knit the sweater by finding out the yarn weight and getting a yarn in the same size. This way, you can have more choices for your projects while still knowing that the sweater will knit up properly. It’s a great way to make the sweater uniquely yours while still following a written pattern.

There are several different weights of yarn that you need to know about, which include:

• Super fine, which includes fingering weight, baby weight, and sock weight yarns.
• Fine, which includes baby weight and sport weight yarns.
• Light, which includes DK weight, light weight, and worsted weight yarns.
• Medium, which includes afghan weight, aran weight, and worsted weight yarns.
• Bulky, which includes chunky weight, craft weight, and rug weight yarns.
• Super bulky, which includes bulky weight and roving yarns.

Double Knitting YarnMost of these yarn weights have clear purposes, such as sock weight yarn. Naturally, this is ideal for making socks and other items that require a very thin yarn knit on very small needles. Afghan weight yarn is a perfect yarn for knitting afghans and other large projects that you want knit up rather quickly. Baby weight yarn is a great yarn for making baby items since it is so soft and thin, which makes it a perfect match for a new baby’s soft skin. However, not all of the names are as self explanatory as these, which can make the yarn aisle confusing. Luckily, you just learned all about the yarn weight chart, so you’ll be a little less confused next time you walk into your local yarn store.

What is Double Knitting Yarn Used For?

So, now you know that double knitting yarn is a light weight yarn, somewhere in between sport weight yarn and worsted weight yarn. These yarn weights are popular because they are the perfect size for a nice stitch definition in a big project such as a blanket, but still small enough to make smaller projects like baby hats. Still, with such a basic yarn size, what is double knitting yarn used for? This yarn is really ideal for almost any project, but is a particularly good choice for summer garments and baby items due to the thin fabric it creates.

While thin fabric can sometimes be a good thing when finding the perfect yarn for your next project, if you live somewhere that gets a deep winter, this is not the best yarn choice for your winter items like scarves and winter hats. Remember that the thicker the yarn, the thicker the fabric, and that will make a much more suitable winter accessory than the thin fabric made from double knitting yarn.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect yarn for your next project, don’t worry about trying to find the exact yarn the pattern calls for. You can now use your new knowledge of yarn weights to choose the perfect yarn to knit into a beautiful new project. While double knitting yarn might be the perfect choice for the baby blanket you are knitting up now, perhaps something bulky would work best for your next scarf. Now that you know all about yarn weights, you know longer have to ask the question, “What is double knitting yarn?”

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