The Best Fabrics for Knitting Your Kids Clothing

fabrics for knitting

When it comes to children and their clothes, fabrics for knitting are perfect for their growing bodies. The main reason is because they are made of a stretchy type of quality and this makes it to where your kids will not grow out of them too quickly. Knitted clothing will also not shrink by large[Read More]

How to Come Up With Fun New Knitting Ideas

fun knitting ideas

  Coming up with new knitting ideas can be challenging when you have been at it for a long time. The main problem is that many people tend to over think things and feel that new ideas must mean big changes. The truth is that coming up with new knitting ideas can be as easy[Read More]

Knitting Pattern Abbreviations – A Handy Summary

To follow on from my last post, the other knitting ideas I find really handy is to have a summary of knitting pattern abbreviations and conversions close to hand. So here's a list of all the ones I know or could find – feel free to add more if you know some! ALT – Alternate[Read More]

Quick and Easy Knitting Pattern Ideas

There is some great knitting ideas in this quick post to show you some knitting pattern books that have small, fast or easy-to-knit projects. Great for using up yarn, and music for the profitable knitters ears with many projects able to be completed in a day or less. They may fit your niche already, or[Read More]