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How to Come Up With Fun New Knitting Ideas


new knitting ideas

Coming up with new knitting ideas can be challenging when you have been at it for a long time. The main problem is that many people tend to over think things and feel that new ideas must mean big changes. The truth is that coming up with new knitting ideas can be as easy as changing the types of materials you use for certain designs or altering a few stiches here and there. You would be surprised at how much a piece can change with only a few minor details. Combining new patterns to an old look can make your old style look brand new.

One way to come up with new ideas for your knitting work is to do some checking online. Finding an online knitting community can change your style altogether. These sites are filled with knitters just like you that are also looking for new knitting ideas, as well as sharing their own with everyone else. You could also check with your local community college to see if they offer any knitting classes. These types of classes are not only for newbies to learn how to knit. They also help add new life to your old patterns.

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1. Where to Find New Ideas

In addition to checking into knitting classes, see if there is any local knitting clubs. Many moms who enjoy knitting decide to form clubs where they can get together with other knitting mommies and share stories and discuss tips, patterns and many other topics related to knitting. By spending time fellowshipping with other knitters you are likely to come across a spark of new creativity and learn new tips and tricks to make your same old knitting routine new and fresh again. If there are no knitting classes in your area, speak with the dean of the community college and suggest adding one to the curriculum. If there is not yet a knitting club in your area, be a trend setter and form one yourself. You may just find that there are a lot of other people in your area that enjoy knitting as much as you do!

2. Get Inspired by Knitting Books and Magazines

If you are more of a loner and prefer to learn about new knitting ideas on your own, there are many knitting books and magazines that are completely dedicated to tips and suggestions dealing with knitting. A great place to start is your local library. There you should be able to find some great books on knitting in the arts and crafts section. Also check at book stores. Arts and crafts is a popular topic and you will likely find books for beginners and experts on how to spice up their designs. There are also magazines that are dedicated to the art of knitting. The best way to find these is to do an online search. Once you find the magazine that interests you the most, get a subscription and each month you will get new knitting ideas delivered directly to your mailbox!

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3. A New Way of Thinking

During your search for new knitting ideas, try thinking along the lines of unique designs and methods of knitting that are unconventional in nature. Instead of focusing on projects that you think others may like, keep your mind in the “me” zone. Focus on what you would like to see come of your work. This outlook of personal freedom will really allow your creative juices to start flowing! Think of making something wild to hang on your wall, or maybe a fun outfit for your pet. When it comes to new knitting ideas, there is nothing that is too out there for you to try!

4. Changing Your Tools

Another great way to get inspiration for knitting ideas is to change up your tools and accessories. Try a yarn that you have never before used. If you are used to mute colors in “safe” designs, try bold and vivid colors with a touch of wacky to them! Changing the type of needles you typically work with can also make a big difference in the uniqueness of your work. A perfect example of this is someone who is used to knitting with metal needles should try out some circular ones instead. Mix things up a bit!

5. Think of All That You Could Do!

Think of all the amazing new knitting ideas you could come up with simply by looking in the right places for inspiration. To  help you move things along, make a list of all the things you want to try but never have. All of these knitting ideas put on paper will help you to realize your aspirations of becoming a versatile knitter!

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