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After my last post, I had a lot of emails asking for more information about what steps you need to take to get a website or blog making good money online.

There is so much information available about internet marketing and making money online that it can get a bit confusing and very hard to know where to start.

But it is certainly a skill worth learning – I absolutely love working from home and making a living by providing people with great information. There is a huge amount of money spent online every day, and with the right knowledge and a willingness to have a go, you can start bringing some of it into your life and your bank account too!

Through my experiences in starting up blogs and websites and writing my books, I have realised that there is just one simple key to succeeding in making money online  – and that is to take things one a step at a time.

If you bombard yourself with all the information available all at once, it just gets overwhelming and a bit stressful (I know because I did that too…). I learned a lot from an amazing Australian couple who run workshops here teaching the basics of internet marketing, if you are from Australia drop me an email and I can get you into one of their workshops as my guest (the tickets are usually around $2,000) – but this won’t help if you are living anywhere else in the world!

So I thought I would also let you know about another amazing couple I recently found who teach internet marketing one step at a time. Judith and Jim are psychologists and a husband and wife team who wanted to get their business online, but had no idea how. When they started out, they found all the high-tech information from the internet "gurus" very confusing and frustrating, so they created a very simple, step-by-step system for learning the basics of online business and internet marketing.

This is the kind of thing that everyone wishes they had known about when they first started – it is a program that will take you from complete beginner to making your very first dollar online. It’s even good if you have a bit of knowledge but are not sure the best way to move forward.

So if you would really like to learn step-by-step how to start making money online, both with your knitting site and other websites, then this is definitely worth checking out – it’s not cheap, but it’s worth the investment if you are serious about making some money from home.

Go to http://budurl.com/FirstStepOnline

Let me know if you have any other questions about setting up and marketing your knitting or crochet website – I’m happy to help!



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