How to Knit Furnishing Fast via Arm Knitting

Arm knitting is a very old craft devised as a way to weave threads and turn them into something useful. The process is exactly like standard knitting, except you lose the needles and use your arms. The result is a very large project completed in no time, much like mega knitting. While it’s common to find wearable goods such as scarves and sweaters created with this process, Andrea Brena has taken the art form to a new level by creating beautiful home furnishing using nothing but his arms and textile scraps from chairs and other upholstery.

arm knitting patterns

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What started out as a series of rugs turned into a collection of several types of home furnishing, including seats. With the use of nothing but his arms and what others would consider scrap material, Brena is able to create stunning designs and home furnishings that have made him famous as an interior designer.

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The designs and colors on his website are inspiring, and the videos and photos showing his process are bound to make arm knitting come back into style. In fact, if you want a chance to dabble in the art yourself, you can start with simple projects such as a scarf or cowl, which would only require you to knit a straight line and then bind off. Sites such as or both have patterns and tutorials geared towards this craft, so get inspired today and try out arm knitting for yourself!

By using super chunky yarn or fabric scraps like Brena, you can complete large projects such as area rugs, throw blankets, seat cushions, and more in no time at all. In fact, the word from many arm knitters is that these projects can be completed in as little as half an hour! With this process, you can no longer use the excuse that knitting takes too much time. After all, what is thirty minutes when you have an awesome, unique knitted project to show for it in the end?