A Real Knitting Income Story!

Following on from my previous posts about how to start making money online from your knitting or crochet, yesterday I had the very good fortune to speak to JJ Vazquez, from www.begintoknit.com.

JJ’s story is really motivational, and her excitement and passion are very infectious! With the economic times being pretty tough in the US, her husband found himself out of a job and JJ realised that she and her family couldn’t always rely on employment to bring in the money. So she made the decision to take control of her own destiny and get into business – a knitting business!

After the sales of their knitting replaced her husbands income for the time he was not working, they decided to broaden their vision and market, and get online. It’s great to hear her experiences, and she gave some fantastic advice for anyone who wants to start making some extra income using the internet.

I’m really looking forward to sharing her story – you’ll be able to hear the full recording right here on the blog so make sure you check back next week!

We’ll also be having another "Knitting For Profit Teleseminar" on Friday about how to promote and sell your knitting or crochet online, and other creative ways you can make an income from your passion.

So whether you are just starting out, or you would like some great new ways to get sales and traffic to your site, join us on Friday for some inspiration, ideas and more!

1 thought on “A Real Knitting Income Story!”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share my experience with knitting for profit. It was an enjoyable time that I look forward to repeating, only next time I’m putting YOU in the hot seat!
    Blessings on you and all of your readers!
    JJ Vazquez

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