Is Machine Knitting the Answer?

When knitters begin knitting for profit, especially if they are profiting directly from their knitted items, it can be most beneficial to increase knitting production. One of the easiest ways to increase production is by doing machine knitting and automating as much of your work as possible. While there may be some knitters who prefer the hand-knitted label, some people just need the added little push that a knitting machine can give them to take their knitting work into the realm of a viable business opportunity and to actually start to make money knitting.

Machine knitting may not be the right answer for all knitters though. Some of the new knitting machines require computer interfaces and have more setup options than many new cars or the latest electronic gadgets ever will. If you are one of those people that thought resetting your VCR, VCD or DVD player was a difficult task, you have not seen anything yet. However, many of the more advanced knitting machines have so many options that despite the complexities of the learning curve, they can still be a great boon to anyone who has seriously thought about knitting strictly for profit.

Machine knitting can also be a great way to get your children or grandchildren involved in knitting.  Some children do not have the necessary patience or attention span to learn how to properly use the knitting needles and will grow frustrated and quit long before they ever get a start knitting. Small, inexpensive plastic “spool” or “reel” type knitting machines can be the perfect answer. With these, machine knitting involves scarcely more than being able to wind the knitting yarn in the proper manner over the protrusions on the knitting machine. While special tools may be required to remove the finished, knitted products from these knitting machines, they still allow even the most inexperienced knitter to quickly (and easily) create some very beautiful knitted items.

Imagine the delight in a child’s eyes when they have begun machine knitting new and “cool” things … and then imagine how much more enthusiastic they will be when they learn that they too can actually begin knitting for profit as well as for fun. These small, hand-held or table-mounted knitting machines are ideally suited for making many small, knitted items that can be sold in yard sales, craft fairs and even at school (on at work in some cases) for a tidy little sum. If your child really wants to have fun or make money knitting, have them make a selection of small items in their school colors and sell them at school.

For most people under normal conditions, the addition of a flat knitting machine will generally be enough to help them supplement knitting production while still allowing them the freedom to create hand-knitted accessories and accoutrements while machine knitting the large, tedious and time consuming parts of large, hand knitted garments. One of the many beautiful things about machine knitting is that it really does increase your knitting options. Once you do get past the learning curve, machine knitting can be a great way to still have fun knitting while greatly increasing your knitting production when you are knitting for a profit.

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