Free Knitting For Profit Teleseminar!

It’s been a while in the making, but the very first live Knitting For Profit Teleseminar is going to be on Thursday 23rd July (or Friday for Aussies and New Zealanders) – that’s only 2 days away (I like to put pressure on myself…!)

I’m going to be answering your questions about making money from Knitting and Crochet, as well as giving you the chance to win a copy of my new and updated book in paperback, which will be available soon.

So what is a teleseminar??

All you’ll need to do is call in to a number and you’ll be able to hear me live answering your questions. You will have the chance to ask a question if you would like to, or you can just listen in and learn from other people from around the world who are setting up and running knitting or crochet businesses.

I have set up a registration page where you can register for the call and enter your questions that you would like to have answered or discussed. And don’t worry – you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to! Just come along and listen in – I’d love for you to be there.

So make sure you register now because there are a limited number of lines on the call and everyone who is registered will be in the draw to win.

Just go to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Free Knitting For Profit Teleseminar!”

  1. Liz, Thank you so much for the teleseminar. I really enjoyed it. Thank you also for rebroadcasting it. Unfortunately, I missed it the first time, so I’m really happy to have the opportunity to hear it later.

    I am interested in knitting and/or crocheting for money, but I’m apprehensive about starting. You’ve given me several great resources to explore.

    Thanks so much,


  2. Hi Liz, thank you very much for this first teleseminar. It is good to know that our knowledge and skills can be valuable. I recently got laid off and am now looking for a new job and as a knitting fanatic I would really love to be able to make a living from knitting. I will soon open a webstore selling traditional Icelandic knitting (I am Icelandic although living in France) and I will put all your good advices into practice. Just for info the site will be and it should open this october.
    Again thank you for all your good advices,


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