5 Popular Knitting Stitch Types You Need To Know

Knitting Stitch Types

Knitting can seem very intimidating when you’re first starting out, but it is important to realize that there are only a few knitting stitch types that make up the foundation of knitting. Once you know the 5 most popular knitting stitch types, you can knit just about any pattern you wish. Using a combination of[Read More]

How to Knit and Purl in The English Style

knitting fabric

English style knitting, which is the most common knitting style in the US, is only one style of knitting. To knit in the English style, you hold your yarn in your right hand, unlike Continental knitting where the yarn is held in your left hand. So, the first thing you need to learn to do[Read More]

How to Switch From Knit to Purl

Knit Stich

  Even for those who are not knitters, the terms knit and purl stitches are something that has likely been heard at one time in their lives or another. Many people may even recall their grandmothers sitting with their knitting and quietly saying to themselves “knit one, purl two”. If you have ever wondered what[Read More]