Can You Help Rose Convert Crochet Patterns To Knitting?

 I have had a great question from Rose, which I thought someone may have an answer for. Here is her question:

 Hi, is there such a thing as converting crochet patterns to knitting?  I do not crochet – tried many times and failed – it’s a complex from childhood.  As deft as I am at all kinds of needlework crochet and crewel was a disaster.  Maybe in your worldwide audience someone can give me a lead.
Thank you, Rose
If you have a answer for Rose, please leave a reply and let her know – she will be most grateful! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Can You Help Rose Convert Crochet Patterns To Knitting?”

  1. There are many references on the web about converting knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting. Here is just one of the many out there …

    The quantities of yarn required for knitting are about 30% less than that used for crochet depending on the pattern – but one still needs to be careful when buying the yarn for the project. Better to have too much than not enough and be unable to finish your garment/item.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I don't know how to convert crochet patterns to knitting but find crochet easy if I  hold the wool and hook in my right hand and use them as a knitting needle and yarn.  No good for fine work but works well with wools.  Works just then same as knitting just uses one 'needle' [hook] and crochet stitches. The left hand just supports the 'work'.

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