Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting Basics

Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting

Warp knitting and weft knitting are technical terms used to describe machine knitting. These terms describe both the length and width of yarn used, as well as how many needles on a machine get used. While the average hand-knitter does not usually know much about warp knitting and weft knitting, it is good information to[Read More]

Warp Knitting vs. Weft Knitting – what you didn’t know!

Knitting Methods

Warp knitting is a method of knitting that takes the yarn through zigzags down the fabrics length and follows in adjacent columns rather than just one single row. This type of knitting is typically done on a machine as opposed to by hand. This is because this technique requires you to have separate yarn strands[Read More]