Knitting Jobs for Groups

While these knitting jobs are certainly the exception and not the rule, they can still be a great excuse for getting together and spinning some yarn(s). But what kinds of knitting jobs are really available that are large enough for an entire group of people to work on? Certainly there are very few traditional or even conventional knitting patterns that are large enough to require more than one person but this is not really conventional knitting work we are talking about. These are the kinds of knitting jobs that are done to create an interest in knitting and more often than not, also to help worthy causes.

Knitting graffiti has become commonplace in many locations around the world. There may be a downside to these types of knitting jobs though, since some local law enforcement agencies have made this action comparable to standard graffiti even though it is usually very easy to remove. While there is no readily available record of anybody being prosecuted for this, it may be a good idea to use a modicum of caution and common sense if you do wish to try it.

Still, there are other ways of accomplishing much the same thing. If some guy can draw crowds and fill his coffers by hanging pink plastic all over the place, why would it not be possible to do something equally as grandiose with a group knitting job? Who is to say that the Statue of Liberty would not like a nice warm scarf or perhaps a loin cloth for Michelangelo’s David? If you approach it from a strictly artistic point of view, add in a healthy dose of charitable contributions and conclude with the fact that it would be a great way to get rid of that extra yarn where the dye just did not match quite well enough or that half a skein you had left over, knitting jobs like these sound a lot less crazy.

If you want to go with something a little more traditional and still get some good press for your knitting organizations, why not try some group charity knitting? These knitting jobs are diverse and would create some really positive PR. Groups around the world regularly knit supplies and materials for our soldiers such as socks and even helmet liners. Cancer research has also been a great beneficiary of knitting jobs that were taken up for charity.

One group commits as much time as it can to knitting teddy bears that will be given out free of charge to the children in the local hospitals. Now granted, it may take a slow news day to get you on the evening news but that does not make it impossible. How many worthy causes can you think of? How many of them could benefit by knitting jobs that your entire social circle could take up? The rewards for these types of knitting jobs go far beyond the satisfaction of a job well done. These types of knitting jobs warm the hearts and maybe even the bodies of some of the people who really do need it the most. 

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