On this page you will find instructions on how to set up your knitting blogs and crochet websites with the banner ads and affiliate codes, useful information to help you succeed with as a knitting or crochet affiliate AND a selection of professionally designed banner ads and text ads that you are free to use when promoting Knitting For Profit.

Clickbank Setup

In order to join the knitting affiliate program, you will need to obtain a unique referral ID with Clickbank. If you have not signed up with ClickBank, you can click on the link below – don’t worry, it’s easy and its FREE. It only takes a few minutes and you will be ready to start promoting Knitting For Profit.

After you have set up your ClickBank account, you’ll be ready to promote the Kniting For Profit book through your unique affiliate hop-link. You will earn a 50% commission on each person who buys the program through your affiliate referral link.

Click here to sign-up with Clickbank.

Hop-link Instructions

The process of marketing the eBook is simple. All you need to do is place your special Clickbank “hoplink” on your WebPages or in your emails to your subscribers and send traffic to the Knitting For Profit website. These special links are used to track your referrals to our sales page to ensure you will be paid your affiliate commissions.

When someone clicks on your unique link and buys the product, you will receive 50% of the profit!

Recommendations for affiliate success

Below are a few suggestions on how to get started as an affiliate and generate an income. Remember, the more traffic you generate and the more you promote the product, the more money you will make. It is advisable to read the book beforehand. You can purchase this via your own affiliate link and you will only pay 50% of the price. The more you know about the content, the more valuable information you can provide in your traffic generating strategies.

  1. Post articles about this product. Ensure you have read the book and you have something of value to add in the article. Be original. Include your affiliate link and watch your traffic coming in. You can use and but there are many more article websites online
  2. Post a blog comment in related existing blogs or create your own free blog, for example on Make sure you really add value and help the visitors of the blog. A hard-sale and just posting your link will often be seen as spam, but if you add value, it will invoke curiosity and also credibility and you have a much higher chance of good returns.
  3. Become part of a forum community and post valuable comments. Create a signature that includes your affiliate link. Anyone who reads your forum post will see your link and will click on it. Make sure you generate enough curiosity for the reader to click on your link
  4. Post a press release. An example to use is This will come at a cost but you will have the guarantee that your press release is found by all major search engines. You can use other press release sites as well.
  5. Use your existing e-mail lists or subscriptions and tell them about this product. Provide a recommendation to buy this product
  6. Write a product review and publish it to as many sources as you can think of.
  7. Include the affiliate link on your own website with your own commentary that will entice people to click on your affiliate link. Put yourself in the minds of the customer so you build curiosity and solve their problems
  8. Use your existing e-mail lists or subscriptions and tell them about this product. Provide a recommendation to buy this product
  9. Use banner ads as supplementary tools to all the above methods (see below for more details)

Final Tips: The best conversions tend to come from high quality Articles and emails to your list and subscribers that promote, endorse or are product reviews for knitting for profit.

Learning how to become a traffic generating expert can make you a lot of money. There is plenty of material on-line on how you can increase your traffic. Remember – focus on one strategy at the time. This will ensure your efforts will be rewarded and then try another strategy. The more consistent you are with your strategies, the better the traffic results you will get.

Graphics, Banners and Ads Section:

This section includes a range of professionally designed graphic, banner ads and text ads that you can use to promote Knitting For Profit.

The strategic use of banner or text ads can yield great results and click throughs, but there are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

  • Don’t just rely on a banner ad as the only means of promoting Knitting For Profit – banner ads are best used as supplemental tools when providing high value content and good quality articles such as reviews and endorsements as discussed above
  • Placement of the banner ad is important – above the fold in the most visible position is often the best location
  • Placing banner ads at the very end of your article leaves your visitor only one place to go – clicking on your banner or ad (and being directed to the sales page).
  • Ebook cover images work well especially with reviews and can dramatically improve click through rates as they add perceived value to the knitting ebook.

To use the following images, simply right click the images and save them to your computer. Upload the images directly to your web server rather than linking directly to them. Remember to include your affiliate hoplink in your HTML code for each image you use on your website.
Note: These images can easily be resized smaller or larger if necessary

Knitting Ebook Cover 280px wide
Knitting Ebook Cover 180px wide
Banner 1A 250px wide
Banner 1A 180px wide
Banner 1B 250px wide
Banner 1B 180px wide
Banner 2 250px wide
Banner 2 180px wide
Banner 3 468 px wide
Banner 4A 468px wide
Banner 4B 468px wide
Banner 5 468px wide
Banner 6A 350px wide
Banner 6B 350px wide
Banner 7 250px wide
Banner 7 180px wide
Banner 8 250px wide
Banner 8 180px wide
Banner 9 250px wide
Banner 9 180px wide
Banner 10 250px wide
Banner 10 180px wide
Banner 11 250px wide
Banner 11 180px wide
Banner 12 250px wide
Banner 12 180px wide

If you have any questions on our Knitting For Profit affiliate program just click here to contact us.

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